Improving Communities... Changing Lives

Get to Know the Leaders of Our Nonprofit Organization

Universal Leadership

Universal Companies is in the business of helping people. Our mission is to improve communities and change lives, by creating cultural and entrepreneurial opportunities that break the cycle of generational poverty within historically disenfranchised communities. To accomplish this, Universal focuses on the identification and removal of systemic barriers to wealth creation within urban settings. We are committed to a comprehensive approach to neighborhood revitalization that embraces education as its foundation for economic transformation. Universal works in collaboration with community stakeholders to create an environment where all children are achieving academically, socially, and emotionally at a high level. We have maintained a proven track record of turning around under-achieving schools since 1999.

Mr. Kenneth Gamble
Mr. Kenneth Gamble is a native of Philadelphia. His career has been one of giving back to the city where he was born and raised. He first gained the public’s attention through his impressive musical career, but equally important to him are his efforts in public service.
Mrs. Faatimah Gamble
Mrs. Gamble in partnership with her esteemed husband Kenneth Gamble co-founded Universal Companies. In 1996, she founded The Wellness of You, Inc., a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization within Universal with a mission of introducing healthy lifestyle practices to medically underserved communities.
Dr. Penny Nixon
Sr. Executive Vice President of Education/CAO
Throughout her 20-year career she has also served as a principal, teacher, facilitator and mentor, committed to making accelerated improvements in school quality and student achievement.