Mrs. Faatimah Gamble
Mrs. Faatimah Gamble

Mrs. Faatimah Gamble

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Mrs. Faatimah Gamble

Mrs. Gamble’s acumen for business began early as a student at Bok Vocational School in South Philadelphia. She continued her education at Temple University and later became certified as a Protocol and Etiquette Consultant from the International School of Protocol in Washington, D.C.

Mrs. Gamble developed character building and social etiquette programs which she has implemented with hundreds of adolescents over the last 30 years, encouraging self-esteem and refinement among inner-city males and females.

Since the inception more than 25,000 individuals have benefited from the programs, workshops and events implemented by The Wellness of You. In addition to the Celebrate Wellness Expo and the Annual Wellness Breakfast for Men, Universal’s wellness program includes an annual children’s wellness health fair for nearly 3,000 students and their families. The Wellness of You program also implements character building/self-esteem training programs for adolescents, known respectively as The Pearls of Wisdom and From Boys to Men.

The Wellness of You was the first organization of its kind in the nation to recognize medical professionals committed to making a difference in community health. The coveted Tree of Life Award has been awarded to Dr. Walter Lomax, medical practitioner and founder of Lomax Companies; Dr. Benjamin Carson, pediatric neurosurgeon of John’s Hopkins University Hospital; Dr. Calvin Johnson, former secretary of health for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania; Senator Vincent Hughes; Dr. Robin L. Smith, bestselling author and psychologist; and Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith, a spiritual guru. Additionally, The Wellness of You is a best practice model that educates the community about alternative medical practices, something that was considered taboo but through education and awareness initiatives has transformed into a multi-billion dollar industry.

Currently, Mrs. Gamble joins radio personality, Mimi Brown of WDAS, Philly’s R&B and Classic Soul radio station, to deliver health centered messages and words of wisdom through haiku poetry to residents of Philadelphia County and the surrounding municipalities. Segments have included “Overcoming Depression,” “Preparing for Winter,” and “Extended Families.”

Mrs. Gamble has received numerous awards and has been recognized by city and state officials for her dedication to health and wellness. In April 2013, she was recognized by City Council President Darrell L. Clarke and council members for her commitment to helping impoverished communities and families across the nation. In December 2013, State Representative Louise Williams Bishop, 192nd legislative district, honored Mrs. Gamble with House Resolution 570.