Central Education Office

Central Education Office

Our Vision

Universal Companies will be recognized as a change agent and national leader in urban education as evidenced by student awareness of self, high academic achievement, positive school culture and community transformation wherever we serve.

Our Mission

The Universal Education mission is to provide a rich and high quality education for every scholar to prepare them for college, technical school, entrepreneurships that leads to a sustainable career in the 21st century and build altruistic alumni who contribute to the transformation of their communities as future leaders and positive members of society.

Our Beliefs

• Love the children we work with and serve as role models for our students, staff and families
• Understand our role as “servant leaders” who empathize with urban issues
• Maintain high academic and personal expectations with a “No Excuse Attitude” for high achievement
• Plan based on data, review all data, revise based on data and execute based on data
• Communicate clearly, concisely and with resolve
• Demonstrate respect, patience and understanding for students and parents –especially those most challenged
• Guarantee a safe and nurturing learning environment
• Utilize the school as a key element and hub for the surrounding community to help in the transformation of neighborhoods
• Foster strong partnerships between employees, students, families, businesses and other constituents
• Take wise risks that benefit our scholars

Our Team

Dr. Penny Nixon
Senior Executive Vice President of Education/Superintendent

Johanna Best, Director of Programs & Partnerships
Julisa Epps, Data Manager and Special Assistant to the Senior Executive Vice President of Education/Superintendent

Office of Community, Culture, Climate and Safety

Ericka Washington
Chief of Staff

Fitsum Abay, FSRC Manager
Denise Swygert-Huzzy, Parent and Family Services Manager
Lawrence Threadgill, Climate Manager

Office of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment

Dr. Saliyah Cruz
Chief Academic Officer

Matthew Crooke, Vice President of Math Education
Justin Moody, Vice President of Literacy
Dana King, Vice President of African American Studies
Arthur Stevens, Vice President of Special Education
Alice Lee, Vice President of Science Education
Rachel Volkens, Rtl Coordinator
Shanea Daniels, Administrative Assistant