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On August 6th, we're having an Open House Recruitment Event at Universal Audenreid Charter School, 10am - 2pm at 3301 Tasker St. in Philadelphia. Bring your resume and your certifications to submit your employment application to join our team. For questions about this event, email mthomas@universalcompanies.org

Universal will continue to develop, support, lead, and build systems that can significantly improve communities and positively change lives.

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School Starts Sept. 7th!

First day of school for Universal Charter School scholars is Tuesday, September 7th. For enrollment information, please contact your Universal school. Uniforms available at Cramers Uniforms....

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We’re recruiting administrators and top educators in all subject areas for the 2015-2016 school year!

Call 215.732.6518 ext. 115

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Your donation to Universal Companies will help us fulfill our mission of creating educational, cultural and economic opportunities that will break the cycle of generational poverty.